The Townsville Drop-In Centre Inc.

The Townsville Drop In Centre Inc. (TDC Inc.) is a place where people who are homeless or vulnerably homeless and are socially isolated can meet and be supported as valued members of the local community.

The TDC Inc. is located at 46-48 Morehead street south Townsville QLD and is open Monday to Friday at 8.30am to 2pm. We provide meals (gold coin charge), showers , toilets and laundry facilities and a range of activities and groups to get involved in, as well as just a place to sit and be with others.

The Centre provides services to people from all backgrounds regardless of race and colour. Most services are free. A friendly welcome is extended to all who use the Centre. The Centre aims to provide a service to our community by providing lunch (gold coin charge required) while promoting a sense of self sufficiency and responsibility.

One of the ways we aim to promote a sense of self sufficiency and responsibility for all Centre users is within our projects program. We have a range of program opportunities available including Park Cleaning, Screw Assembly, Car Cleaning and Centre Cleaning.

The TDC Inc. believes that we are all equal members of the same community and that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstance or situation.