The homeless and vulnerably homeless community of Townsville can come to the TDC Inc and use the facilities which are designed to help them reach self-sufficiency and responsibility with in their lives free of charge. Listed below are the facilities available to all clients who wish to use the TDC Inc, regardless of race, gender or religious views.

  • A free laundry, including washing machines and dryers (dryer is charge at $1 per 15mins or there part of). Washing powder is available for free from reception
  • Male and Female toilets and showers. Free Soap is available from reception
  • Free Broadband internet access through Centre provided computers
  • Free pool table, $5 deposit required,┬áreturned once equipment is back
  • Social inclusion opportunities within the day room with a television and general meeting areas.
  • Free Cafe bar where tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup are available during open hours
  • Free cups and drinking water