Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TDC Inc.?

The TDC Inc. is the Townsville Drop In Centre Inc. The Townsville Drop In Centre Inc. is a place where people who are homeless or vulnerably homeless and are socially isolated, can meet and be supported as valued members of the local community.

Where is the TDC Inc. Located?

The TDC Inc. is located at 46-48 Morehead street, South Townsville

When is the TDC Inc. open?

TDC Inc. Opening Hours

Monday 8.30am-2pm

Tuesday 8.30am-2pm

Wednesday 8.30am-2pm

Thursday 8.30am-2pm

Friday 8.30am-2pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

* The Centre is closed on all public holidays.

What services are provided?

The Centre provides clients access to the following:

  • Lunch (gold coin charge)
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
  • Support in maintaining accommodation
  • Referral to available community services including issue specific services such as drug and alcohol counseling
  • Provide opportunities through Centre projects
  • Free laundry facility.
  • Shower / toilet facilities
  • Free broadband internet facilities
  • Medical services
  • Case management
  • Mobile Support
  • Centre Based Support
  • Other agency contact

Can I access other support services at the TDC Inc.?

The TDC Inc. engage a highly vulnerable group within our community such as the homeless and at risk population, which encompasses a broad range of psycho social issues. The TDC Inc. have an awareness of how people can be at risk of falling through the gaps in service delivery, and how we as a whole community need to be responsive toward this. Service integration, cross sector collaboration, maintaining valuable and respectful relationships amongst service providers are of the highest importance to the TDC Inc. People accessing the TDC Inc. have access to a large number of community organisations.

Can I access free meals at the TDC Inc.?

The TDC Inc. serves up to 50 meals per day at a gold coin charge. This is a lunch time service only and a good source of nutrition for people who are experiencing homelessness within the Townsville area. All facilities including meals are provided to all people regardless of gender, race, religion or culture.

Meal serving times

Lunch 12.30pm – 12.46pm

What are projects and programs?

The Projects Program offers to clients the opportunity to assemble roofing screws, clean parks, washing cars and do Centre cleaning jobs for payment. The program allows clients to earn a potential $60 a week.

How is the TDC Inc. funded?

The TDC Inc. receives funding from several funding sources including.

1. The Queensland Government – The Department of Housing and Public Works.

The funded services include the provision of case management and capacity building to homeless and vulnerably homeless people including provision of toilet and washing facilities. The Centre opens from 8.30am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. This service is a participant to the Case Coordination Group for Public intoxication in Townsville. The TDC Inc. is funded to provide assistance to both casual and long-term clients. Clients of the TDC Inc. will be assisted to:

  • Obtain and maintain appropriate stable and long term housing.
  • Access appropriate support services and receive these on an ongoing basis where needed.
  • Achieve re-engagement in the community, education or employment as appropriate.

2. The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Queensland Government Community Care (QGCC)

The Homeless Outreach Project (HOP) provides services to aid individuals to obtain accommodation and live independently.

HOP staff work alongside clients to achieve their goals by providing transport, social support, domestic assistance as well the accessing of meals.

Transport can be arranged to attend appointments to access meals at The Centre. Meals are provided at a gold coin charge.

Delivered meals can be arranged for those who may be disadvantaged in accessing or cooking meals.

3. Emergency Relief Funding (ERF)

The Emergency Relief Funding (ERF) provides an opportunity for clients that are regularly engaging in our services to obtain or maintain their current accommodation and live independently.