Homeless Outreach Program – Homeless Project

The Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) provides services to aid individuals to obtain accommodation and live independently.

HOP staff work alongside clients to achieve their goals by providing transport, social support, domestic assistance as well access to a meal.

Transport can be arranged to attend appointments and access meals at The Centre.

Delivered meals can be arranged for those who may be disadvantaged in accessing or cooking meals.

HOP staff provides social support by assisting with general errands and personal business such as shopping, banking etc.

All services subject to availability

Details of available services

Transport is arranged through The Centre with our HOP worker. Advanced notice is required to make transport appointments.

Social support enables individuals the opportunity to develop skills to access other services in the community.

Domestic assistance can aid those who require help with cleaning in their homes. The Centre also provides washing machines free of charge.

One Meal (Lunch) is provided by The Centre Monday to Friday (Gold coin charge). Lunch is served at 12:30-12:46pm.

Appointments should be made in advance with our HOP Coordinator at The Centre, if services are required. Phone (07) 4772 2339

Social Days & Shopping Days (Gold coin donation)

Shopping Days – Our Shopping outing day, can range from shopping to medical appointments and anything in between.

Social Days – enables individuals to experience different activities that they would normally not be able to afford.  These can range from a BBQ at the Park to an excursion to the Billabong Sanctuary.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for HOP services?

  • Individuals who find daily tasks difficult e.g. housework, shopping, getting dressed or showering;
  • Individuals with a moderate to severe disability;
  • Individuals who are homeless and the vulnerably homeless.

As each case is unique a HOP staff member will make an assessment of your needs.

How can I arrange an appointment with a HOP worker?

Appointments can be made in advance through The Centre. Phone (07) 4772 2339

48 hours notice is required for transportation appointments with HOP staff.

Will I have to pay for a HOP service?

Each HOP service may have its own associated fee and policy. Each situation is unique so an appointment with our HOP worker can clarify costs involved.