The TDC Inc. Service Information

The Centre provides clients access to the following:

  • Lunch Service (Gold Coin Charge)
  • Assistance with finding Accommodation
  • Support in Maintaining Accommodation
  • Referral to available community services including issue specific services such as drug and alcohol counselling
  • Provide an Employment like opportunity through Centre projects
  • Free Laundry Facility
  • Shower / Toilet Facilities
  • Free Broadband Internet Facilities
  • Medical Services
  • Case Management
  • Mobile Support
  • Centre Based Support
  • Other Agency Contact

TDC Inc. Opening Hours

Monday 8.30am-2pm

Tuesday 8.30am-2pm

Wednesday 8.30am-2pm

Thursday 8.30am-2pm

Friday 8.30am-2pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

* The Centre is closed on all public holidays.